Random tangents, beware!

So I realize I often update my blog not once, not twice but sometimes more than 3 times a day. I’m a bit addicted to tracking everything I start to work on or finish. I’d like to merge my life into my blog, which has turned into more of a “what’s on my craft table” blog. I got an iPhone 3g not too long ago and was immediately drawn to the many camera apps Apple offers. I have been a Mac junkie for a couple years now and hate to touch PC’s, but I will if needed. I can’t say it enough, I love my iPhone. Recently I grabbed the “ClassicTOY” camera app and love it, hated it at first. The pinhole and double eye lens are awesome! I have around 9-10 different camera’s on my iPhone, the main ones I use are Camera+, Hipstamatic, ClassicTOY and Instagram. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t take a picture with these camera’s. Ok, why did I just go on a big tangent about iPhone camera apps? No idea, sorry.

So I gave my hand at needle felting last night… let’s just say I think I need to keep at it haha! I have no idea what I made last night, it looked like an aztec dog sculpture on acid. I use needle felting a little with my plush toys, mostly to tack down the mouth after I embroider it on, just to keep it in place. I hate when I embroider a straight mouth and it turns into a smile or frown, unless I wanted that look. So ya, I mainly only use this craft for that but I’d love to make little plush sculptures one day!

The hubby and I got a chance to grab lunch alone today, yay! My mom watched Zoë for a couple hours while we grabbed Paradise Bakery and did some grocery shopping. It was nice to be kid free for a few hours, any chance of “freedom” I get, makes me want to steal a hippie bus and hit Sedona… but I gotta stick to reality. I would love to one day buy an old VW Bus and just travel and live freely, it’s the hippie in me coming out as I get older I think. For now I’ll just type up some blog posts, sip my iced chai and make psychedelic panda’s today. 🙂

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