Idea’s Please

Ok, so I’m going to try and build up more patterns for my plush making. So far I have the following made or in the process of being made:

  • monster
  • frog
  • ice cream cone
  • panda
  • cat
  • girl/boy
  • zombie

I need 3 more idea’s for this project I’m starting to work. The plush can be animal or fantasy, I want a challenge, but not too big of a challenge for others to make as well. Make sense? haha Also, I’d like something to go with each character as well, like the cat with a fish.. etc.

I’ll be making one of each of these plush here soon, but sadly, they won’t be available for sale just yet. I need them for some photo shoots for a while.

Please send over any idea’s you have or would like to see me do! For the 3 idea’s I pick, I may even send a free gift to you! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Idea’s Please

  1. Mermaid with shell or fish.
    Vampire with dripping fangs and a T-bone steak. LOL
    Devil or Angel with a piece of cake. (hehe)
    Cyclops ,Unicorn, Polar Bear or Clown.

  2. *loch ness with a fish, or anchor or something
    *a ghost with a flower or cookie
    *werewolf with cheese?
    *tree monster with a basket of apples
    thats all i got… haha

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