What I’m Working On

I’m nearly finished with two heads so far, I need to make the helmet for the Valentine Monster (left) still. I’m in love with the frog, he is too cute! I think the next creature I will try and do will be a panda, I’ve been wanting to make a panda for a while!

A little about the frog “monster”: His name is Ralph and he will be getting a fly either embroidered on his belly or a little plush fly to hold, not sure yet. He is made from Smooshy Sock yarn (my favorite!) and has a needle felted tongue with an embroidered stitch.

A little about the Valentine’s Day exclusive monster: Her name is Velma. She will feature a red helmet in the yarn her head is resting on and hopefully carry something “lovely”! She is crocheted from my own hand dyed sock yarn, Pink Ink. She will be everything pink & red!

I haven’t had a chance to get any sewing down lately, so I have a feeling the shop won’t have anything sewn in it for a while, but I plan to reopen the shop on Friday! Yay! Stay tuned tomorrow for a big post and a reopening coupon code as well as a giveaway perhaps!


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