Tiny Cookie Pins

As promised, the finished picture of the tiny cookie pins! I finished some up yesterday and they will be on my tags when you buy one of my plush monsters! I will also have some sugar cookie pins with sprinkles available to buy in the shop, but the chocolate chip ones will be gift exclusives for now… but I may make them available in the shop, we’ll see. They are too cute!

Today I’m working on a frog softie! I’m so excited about this little guy, I drew up a sketch last night and just had to get started right away! I’m not 100% sure he will be getting my signature monster eyes or not, we shall see when the head is finished! I have lots to do this week, I’m trying to stick to my deadline of reopening the shop on Monday! Yay!


Update: I will be carrying oreo cookie pins in the shop and not the sugar cookie pins… they didn’t go so well, couldn’t really tell they were sugar cookies since they were so small haha But I will try to perfect these ones. I’m so in love with the oreo cookie pins! Yum!!


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