Knit Knit… Breathe


Finished the heel last night on these socks. This is the fastest I’ve ever knit socks, ever. I’m about 1/2 way done with the first one and I’ve only worked on them for 2 nights. Yesterday I ordered a pair of 12″ Addi circs to try out knitting socks in the round on a short needle and I’m so anxious to try this out! I’ve done magic loop and it frustrates me. I can do it, but I fear laddering so much that I can’t enjoy the knitting at all, I just pull far too tight on that first stitch and then I can’t shift the stitches on to the other needle at the end of the row. I can do tiny knitting on magic loop, like the snails I made not to long ago, but that’s about it. I bought another Mochimochi pattern around Xmas, it’s the snowmen. I want to knit up a TON of them to hang on Xmas gifts this year (talk about early planning).


Fresh off the cutting table, my Suburbia 81 mini quilt top. I just finished the sashing like 30 minutes ago and love it! Hopefully I can quilt this and cut out the binding for it and the other two I finished today while the little one naps. I swore to myself that I won’t start another mini quilt till I finish these 3 now, we’ll see how that goes. Now for quilting this top… not sure how I want to go about and do it. Might just do wonky lines up and down all the way across, that’s my favorite quilting pattern so far. I have a quilting foot on my machine but i can’t seem to get the tension right underneath, it’s super loose and loopy but looks great on top.


2 thoughts on “Knit Knit… Breathe

  1. I’m having trouble with my tension when FMQ too, but I think it’s a bobbin tension issue. I was too frustrated to mess with it any more.

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