Socks in Suburbia


My Suburbia fat quarter set arrived yesterday and I think I drooled a little while opening up the package. I love this line, it’s adorable! I already made the fusible lining grid the other day for the mini quilt I plan to use this with. Hoping to get it cut out today and the binding cut for the other two mini quilts while Zoë takes a nap. (I love nap time) I also started some plain ankle socks last night in the new Luna Park sock yarn I snatched up last night. I’ve started the heel flap in a contrasting chocolate brown this morning and I’m really loving the brown up against these yummy colors!

So far this year has been going great! I’m trying not to stress about the small stuff and I’m doing ok with it. I tend to worry over little things like shipping stuff out late, falling behind on commission projects and stuff. But I can proudly say that I love my life and it’s little quirks. 🙂

Current Favorites

Color Combo: mustard & grass green

Food: Chick Fila Chicken Sandwich

Smell: Chai Tea


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