One more post for today…


New Years Resolutions

  • 365 YIP: Started today!
  • Learn some new crafts: bobbin lace, weaving and scrapbooking perhaps
  • Decorate: We’ve lived in this house for over 3 years and I have barely touched the place, it’s time!
  • Cook at home: I need to stop with the fast food and eat at home more.
  • Finish my WIP: I’m going to try and not let my WIP hang around untouched for months at a time.

My biggest goal this year is to lose weight. I know everyone says that, but it’s really important to me. Honest moment, I’m 283 and 5’7″. I lost 30 pounds last year but gained most back, so my goal is to lose at least 100 pounds to start. Big start huh? I know it won’t happen in a year, but I would like to head towards that goal and maybe hit the 50 under mark perhaps. I’ve started a small weight blog here, wanted to keep it separate from this blog. So, I want to use my Wii Sports at least once a day (need to get Wii Fit) and stick to my Weight Watchers. I did “ok” today so far but I did get some exercise in this morning and will do more this evening.

So, as it turns out… cats love moths, even embroidered ones. I’m hoping I can save this for my insect themed mini quilt I have in mind. Ugh.


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