Decaffeinated Charlie


So this morning I got up a little earlier than Bob & Zoë, which I try to do on his day off… I figure if I’m downstairs before them and she wakes up, he’s forced to wake up and bring her downstairs. In theory, if I can’t sleep in, he can’t muhahaha! So, I started cutting into my Metro Cafe fabrics and ta-da! I did end up doing a simple zig zag block with this set. I’m still unsure about the whole yellow thing, but it’s growing on me. Bob said it looks like Charlie Brown and joked about calling it “decaffeinated Charlie” and it stuck with me. Now for quilting it… I’m tempted to hand quilt this mini, but I dunno, I’m horrible at stay in a straight line. So I may pop this under the machine later today with the Spider Web quilt.


Yesterday I had a chance to play around with some threads and the new books while Zoë took her nap. I should have used the time to do others things like clean, but eh. I was just messing around with some motifs and love the veggie section in the book. So colorful and fun! I’m dieing to find the perfect quilt block or project to embroider now.


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