Tiny Cup of Coffee – Free Pattern

Tiny Cup of Coffee – Free Pattern

You need:

  • Size C Hook
  • White Fingering Weight Yarn
  • Brown Roving or Fiber
  • Darning Needle

– Magic Loop 6
– Increase in each stitch (12)
– Work even (12)
– Work even (12)
– Slip next stitch
– Tightly, chain 7, leave a long tail and pull tight.

With a darning needle, thread the tail on to the needle and sew the end of the chain you made to the bottom edge of the cup. This will form your handle. Knot it inside the cup to secure it down and trim tail, you can shove all the ends inside the cup as well.

With a pinch of brown roving or fiber, roll it into a small ball and then shove it into the cup. Ta da! Your done, now you can serve a hot cup of coffee to your guests!

** For personal or gift use only, please don’t resell items made from this pattern ๐Ÿ™‚ **


One thought on “Tiny Cup of Coffee – Free Pattern

  1. I made this pattern last night but I added some furry white yarn to the top and called it hot cocoa ๐Ÿ˜€

    SO CUTE!

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