Nom Nom Nom

Mmmm… tonight I made tie dye cupcakes in honor of my freshly painted kitchen! I decided to paint the tiny kitchen aqua, and I love it! Holy crap it turned out perfect, all I want to do now is bake like a mad woman! Next up is the living room, ugh. It’s not a big room, but not enough room to move stuff around so I’ll have to clear a wall, paint it, then move it back and repeat on the next wall. I’m doing the living room in a khaki – taupe color, I’m excited!

Now I can proudly display my pyrex on the counter in the kitchen, eeek! I even used these tonight while baking the tie dye cupcakes!

By the way, I finished all the mini bow tie’s for the quilt! I still need to sew them together to complete the top, but I love how it looks right now! I’m very proud of this quilt. I’m naming it Good and Evil Quilt. Sigh… the colors turned out better than I imagined!

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