Little Forest Progress

Since I took the “process pledge”, I figure I would do an update of the Little Forest mini wall quilt progress! I have all my tree’s cut and sewn… well, almost all sewn. I’m still sewing on the tree stumps to a few. The quilt calls for 25 tree’s, I divided my tree colors up like so: 11 pinks, 10 greens and 4 monotone.

I decided, at the last minute, to cut up and sew together a “poison tree” with my Riley Blake skull & crossbones print. I’m not sure if I will swap this tree out with one of the monotone tree’s or just add it in to the forest and have a total of 26 tree’s instead of the 25. We’ll see!

(And yes, I painted my nails right before I took these with clear glitter polish 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Little Forest Progress

  1. wow they’re cute!! I wasn’t so in love with the sample but I’m really loving your version….might have to try this one out someday.

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