Busy Bee

I have so much to do this upcoming week! Two quilting bee’s I’m in start up at the end of the month so I need to cut up the fabric to send out. I have to send out fabric to 12 people in one group, and 18 in another! Yikes! I think for the 18, I’ll send all my mixed scraps and have them make scrap blocks for me! I set aside the Anna Maria fabric for the other 12. On top of the bee’s, I need to finish up some custom Blythe’s in the house and a few on the way. I’m going to be soooo glad to be caught up on the dolls and done! Big weight off my shoulders.

I got my new spinning wheel in the mail yesterday! After messing with it last night, I got the tension set and started spinning again. I missed spinning so much. It’s a great relaxer for me, and I need it! I’m about 1/3 done with the yarn I’m spinning. I got a chance to spin for an hour today while Zoë took a nap. Although, the second I was done and moved on to the sewing table, she woke up. Sigh.


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